How it works

Cutting-edge technology
that works for you.

Follow the steps of the booking process

to discover how our technology works for you


Provide basic transport information and receive instant quote

Real-time pricing

Fair and transparent all-in price

Delivery guaranteed

Quoting powered by a machine learning-based algorithm

Price you get is calculated based on real time data from over 300.000 historical transactions.

Supply-based price adjustment

Price you get is indexed by real-time carriers’ supply data which includes current carriers’ availability on your route.

Third-party data price adjustment

Price you get includes current changes to external costs such as fuel prices, administrative cost.


Fill in additional transport details and book your transport

A network of 30,000 vans

Verified and trusted carriers only

Our own carriers’ sourcing tool - Load&GO

Carrier booking assured by our internal network

We use our own network of over 13,000 carriers. Our Carrier Care department feeds the network with new carriers which go through a detailed vetting process.

Load&GO - carrier sourcing tool

We have built a digital platform that allows us to source and book carriers in real time to assure even greater route coverage.

Verification of your carrier for your route

Each and every carrier undergoes additional individual verification. Our Carrier Booking department checks the carrier’s performance, validity of documents and our internal driver’s rating system.


Track your delivery and receive regular status updates

99% on-time deliveries

Online delivery tracking

Helpline available 24/7

Real-time delivery status tracking

Our Track&Trace team monitors every shipment from pickup to delivery and provides you with real-time shipment status updates.

GPS tracking

Our vans are equipped with a GPS tracking device which allows you to see vehicle’s position in real time.

Done Space (coming soon)

You can monitor details of all your deliveries on a personalised Quote&GO dashboard.

Pay later

We'll handle the paperwork. Pay 14 days after delivery

No credit card, no pre-payment

Proof of delivery provided instantly upon completion

Free delivery if we’re late

Settlement after delivery

Our invoicing system issues the invoice only after the delivery is recorded and proof of delivery is submitted. Payment is due within 14 days of the invoice date.

For all business and corporate related issues, please reach out to Bartosz.

Bartosz Baca
Digital Programme Lead

[email protected]